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Stationary Power Solutions

EnerFuel is finalizing the development of stationary power systems fueled by natural gas, propane, or LPG. These systems can be used for distributed power and back-up power applications in the residential, small-commercial, and telecommunication sector.

We are presently engaging with strategic partners interested in working with EnerFuel to benchmark our stationary products in their application area.

Generally, the features of our power generator are the following:

  • Regulated output voltage at 48VDC or customer specified output
  • Nominal power output = 3kWe
  • Maximum power output = 9kWe for up to 30 minutes
  • Electrical energy storage capacity of 3kWh
    • Enables plug-‘n’-play interconnection with other renewable energy generators such as solar or wind
    • Enables immediate response to a power failure event and provides redundancy to the fuel cell system
  • Very high efficiency electrical power generation:
    • >4.6kWhe per kg of Natural Gas (>3.2Whe per standard liter of Natural Gas)
    • >12.9kWhe per kg of Propane or LPG (>2,022Whe per standard liter of Propane)
  • 3kWth recoverable heat by means of external water loop for space heating, water heating and electronics protection
  • Compact, low weight design allows low cost transportation and installation
    • Dimensions: 152cm x 70cm x 122cm
  • Minimal emissions
  • Web-based data collection, monitoring and remote control