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Telecom Tower Power Systems

EnerFuel is presently testing its first generation telecom power system in its laboratories at West Palm Beach, FL. This system is affectionately called PaCHito (“PaCH” = Power and Combined Heat; “ito” = small). PaCHito will be available for laboratory and field testing by strategic customers and partners starting in Q2 2013. With this last step, we expect to benchmark performance of our system and corroborate the value of our design features with respect to our customers’ needs.

The EnerFuel PaCHito Telecom Power System is specifically designed to meet the needs of reliable, highly efficient, quiet, and environmentally-friendly backup or continuous power for telecommunication sites.

Although the PaCHito system uses fuel cells, it consumes conventional fuels used in telecom backup such as natural gas, LPG or propane. This contrasts with most fuel cell systems that require on-site hydrogen.

The product design includes remote control and data acquisition that enables low-cost monitoring and servicing of the field units. It also reduces the need for physical interaction with field units to evaluate real-time operational readiness and/or performance.

Please contact us if you are interested in testing the PaCHito system.

Estimated hours of continuous operation for the PaCHito system for various LPG or Propane tank sizes