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Residential and Small Commercial Power

EnerFuel’s distributed power solutions offer the following advantages:

High quality heat that can be used for steam generation, space heating, water heating, and support for space cooling.  Additionally, the high quality heat allows heat integration between the fuel cell and the reformer; increasing the system efficiency and reducing reformer cost.  Our coolant loop leaving the stack is typically at >110°C.

High CO tolerance by the fuel cell enables low cost reformer.  Typical natural gas, LPG and propane reformation generates approximately 0.5% CO in the hydrogen stream.  At this CO level our fuel cells exhibit almost the same performance as with pure hydrogen.  Therefore, no further gas clean-up is necessary on the reformer side, eliminating cost and complexity from the reformer.

Low parasitic power. While the fuel cell system generates electrical power, it also requires electrical power to run pumps, air-blowers, and other ancillary equipment.  Parasitic power has a large effect on fuel cell system efficiency.  By leveraging the advantages of the HT-PEM fuel cell, we have developed a system that operates at low pressure (eliminating the need for power hungry compressors) and have created a liquid coolant system whose pump consumes minimal power. EnerFuel has also developed power conditioners with efficiency higher than 95%.  These innovations contribute to high-efficiency, low-cost generators.

System simplicity. We have designed our fuel cell system to operate at discrete power levels and to be integrated with a small battery pack.  In doing so, the system seldom operates in transient, load-changing conditions.  This has enabled us to eliminate components, increase the level of heat integration between the fuel cell and the reformer, and maintain average power level low (which corresponds to lower-cost and higher efficiency systems). While the fuel cell system is able to operate at 3kW continuous output power, our standard fuel cell system can provide up to 9kW of electricity for a period of 30 minutes.